AS FITNESS, Unit F3, Eastway industrial Estate, Ballysimon Rd, Limerick, V94 Y5F3
AS FITNESS, Unit F3, Eastway industrial Estate, Ballysimon Rd, Limerick, V94 Y5F3

Sports Performance

Sport + Hot Yoga = Improved Performance!

Whether you are an amateur or a professional sports player, your body needs to be flexible and agile and have muscular endurance therefore stretching and flexibility-training is compulsory. The 26 postures practiced during a Hot Yoga class strengthen the muscles that support all the major joints in the body. Yoga balances the body, increases flexibility, lengthens muscles, builds incredible core strength and improves focus and concentration. A variety of amateur and professional sports people incorporate yoga into their training to maintain and improve their performance and extend their sporting careers.

Stretching improves health and flexibility of muscles: healing past injuries and breaking down scar tissue; preventing future injuries; prolonging the body’s ability to perform and endure falls, tackles and strain on the muscles and joints. The heated room warms the muscles, facilitating deeper stretching, thus avoiding tearing and injury. Many sports or athletic routines can be tough on the muscular and skeletal systems, especially the joints and strong ankles and knees are crucial for most sporting disciplines. The yoga postures improve joint alignment, stability, mobility and flexibility. Flexible joints in proper alignment are less injury-prone in high-impact sports. Competitive sports also can have an unbalancing effect on the body, where one arm or one leg usually predominates.

Hot Yoga balances the body, working on the entire body evenly to create equal strength and flexibility in all parts of the body. Hot Yoga also provides a strong cardiovascular workout, building the strength of the muscles around the heart and the lungs. The heat dilates the capillaries, allowing for oxygenated blood to flow at high speed to all of the muscles, joints, ligaments, tissues, glands, and organs. Muscles need oxygen to perform efficiently. Sweating during the class cools the body in the elevated temperatures, enabling the removal of toxins from the body and stimulates the metabolism, burns fatty tissues and improves the immune system. The challenging hot room environment also creates incredible endurance and mental strength.

The focus on breathing and the use of concentration and determination to do the postures in the hot environment distract the mind from stressors. Lower stress levels improve the immune system and reduce the risk of injury to the body.